Kootenay Living Magazine is always seeking passionate and driven individuals to join our team of writers, photographers, designers, and sales representatives. If you put quality of your work at the forefront, you breath the Kootenays, and you would like to have a positive impact on the magazine and the region we all love so much, then you better get in touch with us!

Available Positions:

Freelance Writer

If you have a strong background in writing/journalism, have a pulse on your community and the natural world that surrounds you; we are interested in hearing from you. Do you have a writing style that is engaging, witty and succinct? If you are someone who pays close attention to subtleties, has a vast knowledge of your region, specializes in health, recreation or environmentalism, we want to hear your story ideas.


Our magazine is published during the start of every season. Queries should be submitted two months in advance and writers who are also professional photographers should note the availability of images in their proposal.


We ask that queries include an outline of your pitch, including the angle, contacts, sources, interviewees, and visuals available. Pitches need to suit Kootenay Living Magazine's overall feel and be timely, engaging, informative and accurate.


Please provide published clips alongside your query and mention your editorial experience in your proposal. We do not accept previously published articles as we aim to publish fresh and relevant content. We pay writers upon publication, of which, writers will be paid according to their editorial experience and background.


Contact us:


We look forward to hearing from you. Please send your proposals to:

Shelby Cain - Editor-in-chief / shelby@kootenayliving.com


Freelance Photographer

If you have a passion for taking photos and you think you have what it takes to be a photographer for a high quality magazine, then being a freelance photographer for Kootenay Living Magazine might be the job for you.


We are looking for photographers that can shoot landscape, portrait, sport, product, fashion, architecture, food, or wildlife. If you have experience in shooting more than one of these genres that's even better!



* Experience in handling a DSLR camera, and be able to show some of your work
* Great communication skills with a positive look at life


How will you hear from us when we need photos:


Photos that are needed for the magazine mostly depend on articles that are planned in every issue. There are two ways that we will be able to hire you or purchase your photos:

* You have photos on file that we can use for either an article, cover, or even an advertisement that we design for a client. If you have a library with lots of images than the best thing is to send us an email and we'll put you on our photographers list so we can contact you if we are need of a certain image. Individual images purchased are priced based on size that it will be printed in.

* An article is planned for one of the upcoming issues of the magazine which needs photos. If we believe you have the right style and skills for the job, then we will get in touch with you to see if you are interested in doing the photo shoot. You will be able to schedule in a date and time that suits you or if a client or writer is involved you will communicate with them when the best time is to do the shoot. Payment for each photo shoot differs depending on the time and location(s) of the shoot and we will communicate this with you in our initial contact with you discussing the job. 

Contact us:

We look forward to hearing from you. Please send an email with some examples of your work, a link to your website, Facebook, Instagram or Flickr page, to:

Maurice Frits - Publisher / info@kootenayliving.com 

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