- April 2, 2020 -

Dear Kootenay Living Magazine readers,


It’s hard to remember now, the day this crisis started to feel real. It’s probably different for everyone. The day you cancelled your spring break plans or heard about the closing of schools. When you stopped visiting your parents. Your friends. It grows like a snowball. Every day brings a new layer of shocking truths that pack down just as another is added. We know it’s scary, and might feel like it’s rolling downhill now. Out of control. Richard Evans said. “It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars.” There is still so much light and you have to find some everyday. That’s what we can do. It is a time of reflection. Of give and take. Take what you need, but don’t forget you have so much to give. We all do, in our own unique way. Everyone has to open their tool box and find what they have to offer up. The blessed health care workers will stand strong. The grocery store clerks and bakers and farmers will keep us fed. The scientists will thrive and rise up and take us all with them. The artists will sing and paint and remind us of life’s beauty. Of inspiration. You will do whatever you can. Even your absence is a gift. Your distance, when you want so badly to hug your friends. Your ability to hold your judgement. Offer the benefit of the doubt to your neighbours. A smile from a window. A kind email. Whatever you have to give is exactly enough.


We’ve never felt so deeply grateful to live in the Kootenays. This magical land of fresh air and open spaces is ours to inhabit, now more than ever. It is our sanctuary and our therapist. Our empty playground. Our forests are open for business. Use them. Walk through them. Sing and scream and let loose a torrent of your frustration. Look upon the water and the mountains and feel the peace they provide. They’ve been here long before us and will remain long after. They’ve known difficult times and persevered through them. Just like we will. We are living through history and we will tell the stories of this time for generations to come. Let’s make them stories of hope and triumph. Of selflessness and strength. Of integrity.

Like many of you, our magazine is in the process of reinvention. It won’t be the same, after this is over. But it might be better. We are making decisions about our future and we’ll share them soon. At this time, we want to send our love and support to all of our readers. We want you to know we’re thinking of you. Offering up what we have that might contribute to the overall good. We thank you all for doing the same. As a Kootenay community, we’ll get through this. Together. We might be changed, but the love of this land and what binds us to it will always remain the same.


Shelby Cain, Editor-in-Chief

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